Purpose of the photo session

It was necessary to convey the professionalism of the specialist and his individual approach to each client through a series of high-quality photos. Promotion of personal brand with the use of high-quality photos in social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as use in advertising materials and printed products — the goal of our photo shoot.

Preparing for the photo session

Before the photo shoot, we met with the client to discuss the concept, style and key messages they wanted to convey through a series of photographs. It was decided to choose the professional’s workplace as the location for the photo shoot.

Shooting process

The photo shoot took place in a dental office to show the specialist in a working environment. In addition to natural light, we used artificial pulsed light to balance the illumination of different parts of the frame.

The results

The final images demonstrate my client’s professionalism and attention to detail. The photos are eye-catching, emphasising his expertise in dentistry and cosmetology.

This case study shows the importance of a quality image photo shoot for professionals in any field, especially in such personality-oriented fields as dentistry and cosmetology.


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