Today’s case study is the result of a collaboration with Mimino, a well-known Georgian cuisine restaurant in Haifa. The aim of the project is to create a series of food photos to update the restaurant’s website, social media, printed menu and advertising materials.

Preliminary meeting with the client

During a preliminary meeting with the restaurant owner, key aspects of the upcoming photo shoot were determined: shooting style, colour scheme and desired angles. It was necessary to shoot about 40 dishes in different orientations in order to maximise the need for materials for all marketing purposes.

Shooting and post-processing of food photos

The shooting was carried out in the restaurant itself in order to convey the atmosphere of the place as accurately as possible. artificial pulse light and reflector system were used. Suitable props were selected. 

The shoot lasted 5.5 hours. We used various compositional techniques to reflect the aesthetics of each dish. Post-processing included detailed retouching where necessary. Artificial intelligence was applied to some of the photos to retouch backgrounds and accessories.

food photographer

Use of photographs

The finished photographs were integrated into the restaurant’s website, updated on social media, included in the printed menu and used in promotional brochures and banners. This will allow the restaurant to significantly improve its visual content. This case study highlights the importance of quality food photography to the restaurant business. Professional food photos not only enhance the look and feel of the menu, but also help to increase sales and strengthen the brand. I recommend all restaurants, cafes and bars to invest in professional food photography to attract more customers.


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